Falotico Studios

by D. Carlino

Premier Leather Studio

315 East 91st Street NYC

Leather Applications.

Leather Restorations.


Established over 50 years ago, Falotico studios specializes in fine leather applications, restorations, products and custom upholstery.  We work primarily out of our New York studio and actively travel for leather applications and custom installations.  Pickup, delivery and shipping arrangements are available upon request.
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With leather, the sky’s the limit. Although we specialize in leather desks and table top replacement we also offer additional services. We personally hand dye (when requested), Antique, Gold and blind tool leather with an extensive collection of designs. We also offer custom logos and crests.

We work on all forms of furniture, leather accessories and novelties.  Custom leather panels, custom furniture and accessory wraps, leather wall applications, hand rails, leather door applications, faux bookcases and headboards are some of the services we offer. When requested we also work with additional materials.

With restoration and leather repairs every project is different. We have extensive experience and carefully handle and examine each project. Salvaging an original antique and original leather is always our number one focus.

Please contact us for additional information and please check out our portfolio section for some photos of our work.